Dear Nurses! Congratulation to all duties you are taking to save life of our clients! Once again, we invite you to attend the online presentation of Book Highlights entitled THE TRUTH ABOUT ALCOHOL which will be held on 02 September 2023 from 08:00Pm to 10: 00Pm through GOOGLE MEET PLATFORM by the link; Mr. ISDORY KIMARIO (NO) is the author of the book and is the one who will take us through the presentation…. his book is huge of supportive materials which when used effectively will contribute to save the community especially Youth who now living with disabilities following Road Traffic Accidents where one of the reasons for a such outcome is the use of Alcohol.

The presentation will be moderated by Mosses Evaristo, Gwalugano Katolika, Joachim Kilasi and Michael Ndabila. Join through this link.:

Mosses Evaristo
Mofate Representative

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