Dear Nurse, everywhere you are! We greet you by the name of united republic of Tanzania…. It is our hope that you are all doing fine with professional duties of serving the public health concern! As we have seen that Students Clinical Practice Supervision is multidisciplinary concern, where the findings revealed that utilization of supervision tools among registered nurses at clinical setting is a challenge! Then as Mobile Facilitation Team (MOFATE) agreed to develop some basic tools that will be helpful for we nurse at Clinical Setting to improve students’ clinical supervision. By then we are looking to have online Meetings through GOOGLE MEET. Titled; STUDENTS CLINICAL PRACTICE SUPERVISION TOOLS: MEETING MODALITIES: Date: 29 July 2023 Time: From 08:00pm to 10:00pm Venue: Google Meet Direct link:  https://meet.google.com/sjv-pqxk-nwf Invitees: All Nurses, PRESENTER: Mosses Enrico Evaristo, BSc NED, RN, Nurse Tutor, Moderators1: Michael P. Ndabila, BSc N, RN, Nurse Tutor, Moderator2: Gwalugano Katolika, BSc N, RN, Project Coordinator and Moderator3: Stephen W. Lendimi, BSc N, RN, Nursing Officer

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