Once again here we present to you Ms.  Sophia Selemani, the founder and  owner of ABILINDA NURSING AND MATERNITY HOME located at Mwandege in Mkuranga District! She has been  tracked on her daily hustling in serving clients and entrepreneurship as well with marked committment and dedication  in provision of Quality Nursing and Midwives services on her centre and at home.

Outpatient Department, antenatal, reproductive and child health, delivery, postnatal, family planning and home visiting services are offered at her centre!

Sophia Seleman not only doing a such stipulated services but also she has been defined on other services including book writing  including nutrition, breastfeeding practice and also preparing package of nutrion products.

Her profession movements has reflected the scope of practice and also licensial roles as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, which also stands to be motovating area of investiment.

Mofate view this as one of the necessary area to be presented, branded and promoted, to employ a chance for other nurses and midwives to for self learning, motivation and  inspirational investiment!

We have schudeled online presentation and discussion where, she will share with us her path of establihing nursing and maternity home services, regulations, challenges and guidance to other who needs a path. She will also share other profession services taking place. Please you can register here to be a member of the meeting https://forms.gle/ALQEbGcSZqWDdx7y5


Day: Friday
Date: 01 March 2024
Time: 07:30pm- 10:00pm
Venue: Google Meet Platform
Guest: Sophia Selemani
Host: Mobile Facilitation Team [Mofate]

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