June 9, 2024

Welcome to online workshop on scope of practice and job descriptions

📌Dear Nurses and Midwives,

✒️We are pleased to invite you to an online workshop focused on “Building Capacity on Scope of Practice and Job Descriptions” to reflect our profession clearly and effectively. This important event will take place on 29th June 2024, from 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm via the Google Meet platform.

✒️We encourage participation from nurses and midwives across all levels of healthcare, including dispensaries, health centres, district hospitals, regional referral hospitals, zonal consultant hospitals, and middle and high learning teaching institutes and organizations.

✒️To ensure a comprehensive discussion, we request participants to register and complete the scope of practice and job descriptions survey at www.mofate.com. This will help us evaluate advancements in our online scheduling and contribute to evidence-based practice.

✒️Join us in this opportunity to come together and discuss ways to enhance our profession.

📌We look forward to your active participation.

Best regards,

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